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Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

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In a five-paragraph essay, please write a Visual Analysis of the painting entitled, “Marilyn,” by American Artist Audrey Flack.

1. In the first paragraph, introduce the work of art by title, date (1977), medium (oil over acrylic), period/style (photo realism). Write in full

Describe what you think the genre of the painting is. What “kind” or “type” of painting is this?

2. In the second paragraph, list and discuss the iconography included in this painting. What is depicted in this painting?

3. In the third paragraph, list and discuss the manner in which the Iconography (subject matter and symbols) has been depicted and organized.

4. In the fourth paragraph, list and discuss which of the Visual Elements have been included here? Which of the Principles of Design have been used

5. Based on your close observation, what do you think the artist is trying to say with this painting?

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