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System and Maintenance Management

MSc in Engineering Management

Assignment Specification

Module Title:

System and Maintenance Management Preventive & Predictive Maintenance


  1. To demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts of system and maintenance management.
  2. To provide evidence illustrating preventive and predictive maintenance approaches, methods and techniques in a range of engineering system environments.
  3. A brief assessment of the significance, value and benefits of preventive and predictive maintenance in different applications.
  4. Using the literature to provide a brief exploration of current state-of-the art maintenance management tools.


Preventive and predictive maintenance are the most common management approaches for maintaining productivity and profitability in many industries. Whilst both have the same objectives they differ in application, management tools and monitoring equipment.

This assignment provides the student with the opportunity to illustrate their understanding of the differences between these two maintenance management approaches and their depth of knowledge of techniques, tools and equipment utilized in each.

Assignment Requirements

  1. A brief discussion of the basic key concepts of maintenance in manufacturing industries.
  2. A brief discussion of the differences between preventive and predictive maintenance.
  3. Describe and critique one case study of preventive and predictive maintenance management in use from the literature and include:
  4. Summary of the engineering system context.
  5. Outline and describe the key methods and tools used to provide the relevant maintenance management.
  6. Critique the value and implications of the respective maintenance management adopted.
  7. Outline recommendations to improve the maintenance management provision.
  8. You should demonstrate ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of preventive and predictive maintenance approaches by answering the following questions:
  9. What was the system context and why did they adopt the respective maintenance approach?
  10. What were the objectives?
  11. What was done – which techniques, tools and equipment were used and why?
  12. How successful was the maintenance approach?
  13. What does it all mean, as conclusions and any recommendations for improvements?
  14. Support your research by the required graphical presentations and referencing.

Report Assessment Criteria

  • The report presentation format, and layout including:
  1. Report sections should include: Introduction, Aims and Objectives, Problem statement and background 25%
  2. Figures and results graphical presentation
  3. References
  • Critical analysis for the assignment question sand case study. 50%
  • Discussion and Conclusions 25%


  • The presentation of the assignment case study will be presented by the student in Week 10.
  • The presentation will be for a maximum of 15 minutes presentation plus 5 minutes Q&A and should cover key findings covered in the Report.


  • The report should include a complete critical analysis of one case study for preventive maintenance and one case study for predictive maintenance which should be clearly explored and identified.
  • Discussion and critical conclusions should be included.
  • The complete report must not exceed 10 A4 pages excluding any graphical results.

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