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Software Engineering Assignment One

Software Engineering CMP3731 Assignment One
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1. Define software engineering while highlighting its three fundamental cornerstones, why was
the discipline initiated? (6)
2. In a paragraph briefly discuss the term “software crisis “is it still used? (5)
3. Briefly discuss what is meant by ethics, and the role it plays when developing software. Who
are the two major societies associated with it? (5)
4. One of the phases in product development life cycle in most models is coined “post-delivery
maintenance”. Define post – delivery maintenance, list and discuss in detail all different
forms of this type of maintenance (10)

5. It is believed that post – delivery maintenance is only applicable to bad software products, do
you agree or disagree with this statement? Substantiate your answer with any existing
references if possible (8)

6. Some software process models may include software retirement. Briefly discuss this (3)
7. Define the meaning of commercial off-the-shelf software giving three clear examples
(COTS)? (5)

8. ln software development, who is a stakeholder, give any practical example? (3)

9. You have just registered your own software development company, write a brief mission
and vision statement of your organization (5)

10. You have been offered a tender to develop a payment solution software for MTC. Discuss in
a chapter which part of the project will will account for the most part of the budget and
why? (6)

11. Given you are the chief programmer leading the project in question 10, which process
model would you recommend and why? (10)
12. What the four activities are of process engineering, discuss clearly each one of them? (8)

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