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Journal of Software Maintenance



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Journal of Software Maintenance


My concentration in the Ph.D. program is in Information technology. This field deals with research on a specific area of the way information move from one person to another via computers. There are various aspects of Information technology such as Database, Software Engineering, and Networking, among other aspects that together ensure that information moves successfully among people. One of the top journals in this concentration is the Journal of Software maintenance. The later part of this article discusses the journal named above and its relevance to my concentration.

Journal of Software Maintenance (Wiley, 2002)

This journal includes articles about all the activities that surround software and all changes that they go through. The journal covers all activities that are suitable for a successful software maintenance career. As I have mentioned earlier in this paper, software engineering is an aspect of my Information Technology concentration, and these activities are part of software engineering. This journal also covers the management and quality assurance of software maintenance activities. My job as a software engineer calls for my keen follow-up of the activities discussed in this journal. This journal covers the partial or full implementation of software changes in organizations or at a personal level of operational support (Wiley, 2002). The topics that this journal covers include software metrics and production processes, tools, software maintenance, and maintainability of new software. The journal also covers quality assurance, software maintenance theories, the evolution of software evolution, and impacts of new software and practices, among other topics. Comment by Maingi: This section shows how the journal impacts the organization.

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