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Strategic Thinking in the Digital Age

Unit 2 – week 2: Strategic Thinking in the Digital Age

Welcome to week 2 of the Digital Marketing course.

This unit will focus on the importance of strategic thinking for the marketing professional.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore and understand the Strategic thinking process
  • Examine the strategic planning process
  • Explore the importance of External & Internal Audits

Unit 2 – week 2 Activities:

  • Read chapter 4 of “Digital Marketing…” by Chaffey, Ellis-Chadwick
  • Structure of reading chapter
    • Structuring a digital marketing strategy
    • Situation analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • Setting goals and objectives
    • Strategy formulation
  • Watch the videos linked on workshop materials
  • Read the research articles
  • Complete and submit the following task:

Task 1: Read the following questions and post your answers in the Forum.

  1. Discuss relationships among objectives, strategies, and policies.
  2. How can strategists best ensure that strategies will be effectively implemented?
  3. Give an example of a recent political development that changed the overall strategy of an organization.
  4. In your opinion, what is the single major benefit of using a strategic-management approach to decision making? Justify your answer.
  5. Why is it so important to integrate intuition and analysis in strategic management?


Assignment preparation

Read the requirements of the assessment and start thinking about the scope of your assignment. This will help avoid any last minute panics. You do not need to start writing the assignment, but start collecting the data and carrying out any analysis that may help in the activity. These weekly sessions will help provide you with the tasks that need to be considered.

I suggest you start doing the following task as part of your schedule for completing assignment.

Situational analysis – you should evaluate the companies market situation and competitive landscape in the digital marketing element.

  1. identify business goals and digital SMART objectives for your company and proposed digital campaign.
  2. Carry out a competitor analysis


Last Updated on April 25, 2023

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