Health care Industry business

The Coursework consists of two parts. You are required to write a report based on your

research on the following:

Part I

Select any medium to large size health care Industry business. Introduce Strategy/Strategic

Management and explain the different circumstances under which a suitable growth strategy

should be selected by the chosen company to improve its performance (i.e., intensive,

integrative or diversification growth). Investigate the components of a good Business Plan

and briefly explain the importance of each. (Learning outcome 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Part II

Conduct a study on the Marketing Environment of the chosen organization and prepare a

Marketing Plan for the next three years. The marketing plan should be aligned with the

business goals set in its strategic plan in the Part I of the assignment, (Learning outcome 7, 8)

Learning Outcomes for the Module


1. Analyse and evaluate the current strategic position of your organization or strategic

business Module, and the challenges facing it.

2. Evaluate the implications and impact of different ways of tackling these challenges

and recommend the most appropriate routes to meet strategic needs.

B.Sc Technology and E-Commerce

Coursework: Sit Academic Year : 2012/2013


Thinking skills

3. Plan and control the implementation of the changes required to achieve the

recommended strategy.

4. Explain what your organization does and how your operation supports strategic


Subject-based practical skills

5. Identify, analyse and evaluate the range of tools and techniques you use for managing

operations. Promote the importance and benefits of quality as a contribution to the

organization’s strategic objectives.

6. Describe the range of legislation that impacts upon both your area of responsibility

and that of your organization.

Skills for life and work (general skills)

7. Investigate, analyse and evaluate information on the macro, micro and internal

environments of your organization or strategic business Module. Conduct a marketing

audit of your organization or strategic business Module.

8. Develop marketing objectives from the results of a market analysis, establish and

review the feasibility of options to meet those objectives. Prepare a marketing plan for

your organization or strategic business Module and explain how you would manage

its implementation and control.

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