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Digital Marketing UNIT 6

Digital Marketing UNIT 6 – week 6

Unit 6 – Marketing Mix 2

Welcome to Unit 6 of the Digital Marketing course. This unit continues focusing on the well established strategic framework of the marketing mix applied by marketers to inform their digital marketing strategy. This unit focuses majorly on the place and distribution channels of the marketing mix.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore the elements of the marketing mix in an online context
  • Critically evaluate the opportunities that the Internet makes available for place and distribution strategies
  • Assess the distribution channels in the online and offline context and their impact on customer experience


Unit 5 Activities: 



Weekly discussion task

Complete and submit the following task:

Read the following questions and post your answers in the Forum. Apply relevant information from the reading/video material, and your own knowledge/perspective into the discussion.


  1. Critically evaluate the co-created behaviours that emerge in omnichannel retailing and how these impact customer’s responses and value on customer journeys in digital experiences. How may these vary across customer segments?


  1. Critically examine the online and offline channel model of your company, or one of your choice. At what point of the customer experience does the internet become an option to use for the customers, and what benefits/values does it provide?


  1. Critically reflect on how Alibaba’s retail model can be implemented in your country. How will retailers blend offline with online? What types of technology would need to be integrated? (Link to their video can be found in the Unit 6 session slides).


  1. Watch the video “Is the British high street in crisis? – BBC Newsnight 2018”. How are some retailers evolving to ensure relevance in the customers lives? Do you believe there is longevity in this concept?


  1. The video learning material has primarily focused on the UK market. How does the UK’s retail situation compare to that in your country/area?


  1. Do you believe retailers will no longer need physical retail distribution channels? In your opinion, how do you feel consumers will prefer to shop in the future and how will retailers need to evolve in order to remain relevant and part of the customer shopping journey?


Assignment Task


  1. This week my suggestion is you work on your formative assignment, which has to be submitted by 20th
  2. If you wish to work further on your assignment then assess the online distribution strategies for your selected organisation.

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