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Solar Technology Company Essay Sample

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Solar Technology Company


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Superstar Solar, Inc.

The company was formed to fulfill the needs of a market gap where there has been a limited number of solar product and services suppliers who offer their products at affordable prices. This was attained by ensuring the company offers a wide variety of products at the most convenient terms. Also, the company was formed with an aim of bringing in high-quality products and the most updated products based on the needs of the target market. This is a result of the presence of the diverse customer and market needs that needs attention through providing customized products. The needs of the market were identified through a continuous market survey over a long period of time until a clear market status was determined (Wang & Li, 2018).

The mission of the company is to improve the lives of members of society by providing reliable and affordable solar solutions. With the increased need of protecting the environment and ensuring there is the optimal use of resources, the company serves the ultimate purpose of building a better and more reliable environment.

The vision of the company is to become the market leader in offering solar solutions. This is attained by ensuring the global community understands the unique product and service offered by the company. The company aims at setting the pace in terms of quality of products and services as well as competitive strategies such that other market players can follow the path in making the world a better global society to live in.

The company’s solar power products include solar panel systems where the company sells the systems to both private individuals and institutions based on the level of need of the target customers or clients. Also, the company offers green technology solutions by developing effective systems that can be relied upon by individuals and

There is three major personnel in the company. One of the personnel od the production manager who oversees the production processes and ensures the output meets the quality standards of the products. Another personnel is the public relations manager whose role is to ensure the brand maintains a positive and resourceful relationship with the target market (Lin et al, 2020).

The target client base is the entire world where the company aims at expanding the market to entire world. This is to be attained through partnership and direct export based on the needs of the target market.


The need to create a unique provider of solar solutions was the main driving force in establishing the SolarCar Company. There has been a lack of affordable solar products and services in the market, so the company was established to fill that void. To achieve this, the company ensured that it had a wide range of products available at the most reasonable prices possible. In addition, the company was established with the goal of supplying the target market with products of the highest quality and the most up-to-date technology. As a result of a large number of unique customer and market demands, this is a necessity. Over a long period of time, the needs of the market were discovered by conducting a continuous market survey.

By providing reliable and cost-effective solar solutions, the company aims to improve people’s lives. The company’s ultimate goal is to create a better and more reliable environment, which necessitates environmental protection and resource efficiency.

The company’s goal is to become the leading provider of solar solutions in the market. In order to achieve this, the company must ensure that the global community is aware of the unique products and services it provides. The company aims to set the pace in terms of product and service quality and competitive strategy so that other market players can follow suit in making the world a better global society.

The company deals with the production and sale of solar systems. This entails both small-scale installation and large-scale solar panels based on the preference of the customers.

SolarCal Company relies on the expertise of key personnel such as the head of production. This position is currently held by Dominic. Dominic is responsible for ensuring the products offered by the company are reliable and in alignment with the company strategy. Another key personnel in the organization is the head of accounting, a position occupied by Jake whose role is to ensure there is the accountability of the funds used in the organization. In addition to the key personnel is the head of government contracting. Lastly, there is the CEO who also plays a vital role in the management and ensuring there is efficiency of operations in the organization.

The target market of the company is large institutions such as governments and public service institutions. These are organizations whose demand is huge and which require many resources in solving the problems such as mass installation of solar systems.

Price analysis methods

One of the pricing analysis methods that can be used by the organization is a comparison of the proposed prices in relation to the solicitation. This is an analysis done to determine the most reliable pricing strategy. The second method that can be used by SolarCal is a comparison of prior prices paid which seeks to establish the prices that have been used before by the organization in determining the most reliable price range to use. The third method that can be used is a comparison based on prices paid for similar items where the major focus is on the price offered in relation to what has been offered for similar items in the past.

Superstar Solar, Inc. can use the comparison of prior quotes in forecasting prices for the products. This can be attained through researching past prices that have been charged by competitors for similar products. The second method that can be used by the organization in making forecasts is a comparison of prices offered in response to market prices. This entails an analysis of what the organization is willing to charge for the products and services in relation to the prices prevailing in the market. The third pricing strategy that can be used by the organization is the comparison of prices in relation to market forces where the organization anticipates the market forces such as the level of demand and implements an appropriate price that fits the market force (Lahmiri, 2018).



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