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Management assignment help

Each student will identify a publically traded company or business they personally identify with (i.e. utilize the company’s products or services or else either work for or would like to work for). Each student will create a paper that describes foundational facts and figures related to the company’s current financial condition starting with the share price.

The paper will include a report of the company’s current financials and prospective assessments for the upcoming year and the financial numbers associated with your selected company. Show me a one/three/five year history of stock price and at least four financial ratios (PE ratio, EPS, Beta, and one of your choice), which you will explain.

Using strategic management principles from the course text and the company’s current metrics the student will offer suggestions to enhance the company’s competitiveness and their capability of producing above-average returns. The paper will be at least 5 pages in length excluding title, abstract, and references page. Each paper will have a minimum of three references and minimum of three in text citations other than the course texts and must comply with CTU guidelines and APA format. It is very likely that some of the financial facts require comparison with a competitor.

The paper presents the company from a financial perspective.

The deliverable is two parts: First, a PowerPoint presentation containing all of the required information, including history, company products, etc.

After the presentation and with the advantage of instructor feedback plus observation of the other student presentations, write a comprehensive paper on the financial status of your selected company. Word of warning: You can lift the charts directly into the paper and presentations, however, don’t just cut and paste the company history, products, and prospects from the source material. Make sure you provide credit for your sources in the works cited.

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