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Hospitality and Tourism

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for students to further explore the global operations and challenges of a publicly traded hospitality company of their choice.
Company: !Marriott International APA format.
Written: Your paper should include the following sections.

1. Brief Background of Company and its Operations
a. Please detail the company’s products and scope of operations. Detail where it has a global presence and if it is currently focusing on specific regions/countries for further growth (Target market)
2. Marketing Analysis

a. Please detail the company’s products/services and target markets
b. What is the company’s positioning strategy in its international operations? And does this differ?
c. Analyze in what ways the company varies its marketing strategy depending on country and region of operation
3. SWOT analysis of A Proposed Global Venture
a. Analyze the Opportunities, Threats, Strengths and Weaknesses of the company pursuing a specific and actual proposed international expansion project based on what you found in section 1B.
b. Please use the format provided and type directly on that form.
4. conclusion
a. What global trends are driving forces for its global expansion?
b. What global trends are restraining forces for its global expansion and operations?
c. Based on your SWOT analysis and your answers to a and b above, what advice would you give the company as it moves forward?
PPT requirement:
Presentation: In addition to the written paper, you will need to create a 7-slide presentation providing an overview of the company, its market(s), the proposed global venture, and the global trends/your recommendation(s).

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