Sociology Essay

This assignment is designed to investigate the ways in which gender identities and relations are socially
constructed through an examination of the cultural artifacts of gender, sex, feminism, race, class, sexuality,
ethnicity, nationality, ability, etc. Over the course of the semester, and the three parts of the Artifacts of Identity
1 you will be asked to undertake this exercise in relation to three keywords: feminism, sex, and

Select an artifact that you encounter in your everyday world that relates to FEMINISM in some way.
Take a picture of this artifact. Note that the artifact does not have to have the word feminism in it or
be an explicit or self-identified feminist object (e.g. protest sign or slogan); rather it is your
observation of the object in relation to feminism that is of interest.
2. Write a brief 500-word essay (2 pages) on the artefact that includes the image as a JPEG at the end
of your paper (i.e. the image is not counted in the word/page count.)

Assess the significance of the artifact for the feminist politics. (1 paragraph)

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