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Epidemiology of a Chronic Disease

Epidemiology of a Chronic Disease: _____Hypertension__________

  1. Select a chronic disease that interests you (e.g. diabetes, CHF, depression, obesity, schizophrenia) and use the following topics to develop your scholarly paper.
  2. Include a title page and reference list (Refer to p. 41 in APA Manual). No abstract is needed.
  3. Use correct APA format for all references, title page (refer to pp. 193-224 in APA Manual) and citations (refer to APA Manual Table 6-1 p. 177).
  4. Follow the rubric below and be sure to use level headings as designated in the rubric.
  5. Maximum accepted length: 15 pages not including title page and references.

Etiology, epidemiology, risk factors, and public health issues of melanoma

Define the term chronic disease and differentiate how it differs from an acute illness.

Introduce and describe the chronic disease you have selected including the pathophysiology.

Explain current evidence-based diagnosis and treatment for the selected chronic disease.

List incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality (as appropriate) of the diseaseamong two potential or actual vulnerable groups (e.g. black and Hispanic ethnicities; Rural and urban populations; heterosexual and homosexual persons; men and women). Describe any health disparities among the groups. (Use table[s] to list data as indicated).

Describe contributing factors including social determinants of health of this disease among the two groups.

Analyze how disease/condition impacts each group you have selected. Is burden of disease equal among the groups?

Define the terms primary and secondary prevention and describe two effective evidence-based measures that may assist in the prevention of selected chronic disease. (Both levels of prevention,require you to find are search articles for this subsection i.e. 2 articles plus resources for the definition citations).

Appraise the direct and indirect financial impact of the disease/condition to the individual, society, and the health care system. Will cost to treat the disease change? Why?

Evaluate future impact of disease/condition, especially related to the vulnerable groups you selected.Does evidence suggest a change in incidence, prevalence, morbidity, or mortality? What could be done from NP standpoint to decrease incidence, prevalence, or severity of the disease?

Summarize overall findings and conclusions based on what you have discovered.

Reference list (APA format, quality of references).

Accuracy of APA format, in text citations, spelling, grammar, sentence structure (in body of paper and title page).

Epidemiology of a Chronic Disease

Epidemiology Article Critique

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