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Revise job description/ Response question

Please answer study questions in apa format with total word count 1500 words or more with no less than four scholarly sources. Please cite sources. The third question has separate instructions which is explained in(3)

Case Study: Read Case 3-3 in your text on job descriptions. Obtain your job description from position or a copy of a job description. Obtain the Mission statement from the unit or organization of the job description.

1.Revise the job description to align with the unit’s or organizational priorities. Please research all that

2.What are your methods for developing formal job descriptions? Please discuss each in detail. Support with scholarly sources.

(3.)Response question. Please respond to student with 250 -word count and please use apa format and cite with scholarly sources (2).

Original response question- Based on your reading on week two how does the Harley-Davidson, Inc. goals fit the model of setting goals after the organization has established the Mission and Vision statement?


Goal setting is a very important aspect of any organization. The purpose of setting goals is for the organization to have a list of things they desire to accomplish. The mission of an organization provides a synopsis of who the company is and the purpose which they desire to serve. The vision statement is where the company see themselves years down the line, the goals they desired to accomplish as an organization. In regards to Harley Davidson, they are a popular motorcycle brand that is well known all around the world. The vision of the company is to implement growth and by doing so they will increase their demand for motorcycles they produce. Vision setting is the responsibility of not only management but the entire organization. The organization to its entirety understood the vision, this is important because without everyone’s understanding of the vision it cannot be successful with a few, it takes a team to build and carry out a vision (Collins and Porras, 2008). I believe Harley –Davidson orchestrated the mission and vision of the organization by aligning the goals to satisfy and compliment the organization in such a strategic way.

The vision, mission, and strategy are very vitally important components of any organization. The vision is an explanation of where the business sees itself down the line. “One of the goals of a mission and vision is to fulfill their economic and social goals” (Goals, 2016, p.46). Before setting goals, the mission and vision must be completed simply because it steers the business in the direction to put everything they have placed on paper into practice. The goals have provided a clear direction for the organization because they all are aware of the goals that have been set now, they must go forth to reach their goals. The appropriateness of strategic planning is necessary for the success of the business, it enables them to carry out their vision and has a focal point that will enable them to be successful at their goals (Phipps, 2004). The organizations vision is simply where they see themselves, what they hope to accomplish. The mission is who the organization is, its purpose and Harley Davidson’s purpose was to increase their product demand through a visionary approach.


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