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Case study on buying car and home

Minimum of 1200 word count with APA format and 3 scholarly references and in text citations. One is the book which will be uploaded. The case study this is referencing is on page 295 and 331, and the case study must be used, cited, and referenced. 5 questions each must have their own reference and citations. Read question two carefully. It is not asking about buying a car online. It is asking what other issues should be considered before making a large purchase such as a car.

Kapoor, J., Dlabay, L., & Hughes, R., (2014). Personal Finance, (11th Ed.). McGraw-Hill/Irwin.



1st case study

1. Discuss what benefits and drawbacks are associated with online car buying.

2. Discuss what additional actions might be considered before buying a car.

2nd case study

3. Discuss the benefits of buying a home that needs improvements.

4. Discuss considerations regarding mortgage rates for refinancing.

5. Discuss reasons for deciding to buy a home.

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