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Main themes emerging from these sources

Using your two article reviews as your chief resources, plus at least three more (for total of at least 5 sources), discuss the state of knowledge in the area of the IDT research question. Feel free to revise your Research Question at this point if your reading has helped you narrow down your interest even more. The main voice to be heard here is the sources, not so much your own.

Summarize what the authors are saying and the main themes emerging from these sources in regard to your research question/problem. Your essay should have a minimum of 1500 words. These questions will guide your essay:

a. What are some of the most intriguing and generative questions posed by

the sources that you are reading?

b. What are the most common themes and concepts?

c. Identify some dominant perspective or themes and one or two which appear to be substantive but clearly in the minority.

d. Identify the most, and least, common methods of research. How do the authors assess their own research methods?

e. How does this literature help to answer the main question of your inquiry?

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