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Resort Development and Management

Resort Development and Management

The Southwest Airlines Way". Part 1. Chapters 1-4. pp. 3-51.

High Performance Relationships The Key to Southwest’s Success

Please read and discuss the questions

1. Is Southwest in the business of hospitality? Why or why not?

2. Share your current performance findings, both qualitative and quantitative, with your classmates. Evaluate others findings, and discuss your thoughts in this forum. Ask your classmates questions about what the numbers or results mean.

Read "The Southwest Airlines Way" Part 2. Chapters 8,9 and 10. pp. 101-138

Building High Performance Relationships and Keeping Them.

Please read and discuss the questions

The following questions pertain to the Ten Southwest Practices for Building High Performance Relationships.

1. "Lead with Credibility and Caring" Chapter 5 pp. 56-72

2. "Invest in Frontline Leadership" as discussed in Chapter 6, pp. 73-84.

3. "Hire and Train for Relational Competence" as discussed in Chapter 7, pp. 85-100.

4. "Use Conflicts to Build Relationships" as discussed in Chapter 8, pp. 101-113.

5. "Bridge the Work/ Family Divide" as discussed in Chapter 8 pp. 101-113 (for this particular practice, it might be interesting to share a personal experience, about your own family and how it was affected by an organization that did/did not successfully bridge the work/family divide in your opinion.)

6. "Create Boundary Spanners" as discussed in Chapter 10, pp. 124-138.

Share an example of how these practices were used successfully in a workplace present or past. Or, share an example of how each practice was not embraced by an organization, and the affect that it had on the organization’s performance and delivery of a product or service.

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