Gender Issues

Gender Issues

Use as only reference:

Kirk, Gwen, and Margo Rey. Women’s Lives: Multicultural Perspectives.

6th Edition New York: McGraw Hill, 2013

Part A

1. What are some "gender stereotypes" of women in current U.S. society?

2. What are some of the "gender stereotypes" of men in current U.S. society?

3. What are some of the stereotypes of "feminism" or "feminists" in current U.S. society?

Part B

Read "The Social Construction of Gender" by Judith Lorber on pages 64-67.

Read "Patriarchy, The System" by Allan G. Johnson on pages 68-76.

1. What about this week’s readings angered, surprised, or interested you?

Part C

Read Chapter 7: (pages 301-315)

Read "Since When is Marriage a Path to Liberation?" by Paula Ettelbrick (pages 317-320)

Read "The Mommy Tax" by Ann Crittenden (pages 337-344)

1. Comment on at least one direct statement from each assigned essay for this week’s readings. Comment on the chart on page 306. Pick 2 statements you agree or disagree with about men and women in the workplace.

Part D

1.What are some of the "ideal standards" women have for men in terms of their physical appearance and sexuality?

2. What are some of the "ideal standards" men have for women in terms of their physical appearance and sexuality?

3. Do you notice any "double standards"?

4. How has the media (TV, movies, music, etc.) portrayed these ideal standards?

Part E

Please discuss the untitled poem by Audre Lorde on page one of the textbook. What is your overall impression? What are some of the major symbols in this poem? (blood, planets, etc.). Try to analyze/decipher each line of the poem.

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