Discussion 3

In Ginsberg text: Read chapters 5,6 & 7

In Lohmann text: Read Chapters 7 & 8

Write a discussion posting answering the following questions. Please respond to at least one of your classmate?s discussion postings and make sure that each response consists of at least 250 words.

1-Discuss how we can incorporate the social work strengths based assessment in community assessments.

2-How is service learning considered asset building in rural communities?

3-What is rural community building? How do social workers apply strategies for rural community building and why do they do so?

4-How is technology utilized in your community as was discussed in the Ginsberg text?

5-Dual relationships can be a challenge in any community. Discuss one issue regarding dual relationships that may pose a challenge for you and the steps you will take to address it.

6-The Ginsberg text discusses several things that social workers can do to boost their rural competency. Discuss one thing that you see other professionals in your community doing that shows they are "rurally competent" Include at least two things you are currently doing or will do to boost your rural competence in practice.

please only reference textbook and check for programmer and plagiarism.

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