Research Review


Part I: Research Review

  • Locate 4–6 articles on research-based theories of and practices in multicultural teaching. Articles must be within the past couple of years
  • Explore educational theories that provide a rationale for multicultural teaching and pedagogical strategies and practices that best serve learners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Focus your research:
    • Include research applicable to your educational setting. (Education setting must be focused around training)
    • Include peer-reviewed sources.
    • Include research studies that use quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. You are not required to find an article for each methodology, but your articles may include any of those methodologies. For all studies, be sure to discuss the research questions, data collection methods, and findings.
  • Write your research review (3–5 pages):
    • For each article, identify the main ideas and the strength and weaknesses of the findings and conclusions.
    • For each article, evaluate what the research says about the role of student culture, community, or collaboration in promoting student learning.

Part II: Presentation of Findings

  • Use the findings from your research review to create a 5–8 minute video in which you present your research. Include visuals using PowerPoint or another presentation tool of your choice. Use Kaltura to record your video.
  • Include a formal introduction to the topic, emerging themes derived from the research, and a summary of your findings.
  • Conclude your presentation with at least five questions about teaching your students from diverse backgrounds to be addressed as you continue to develop a theoretical framework in multicultural education.

Resources: Theories of Multicultural Education

Resources: Empathy


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