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Criminal Justice Annotated bibliography

• Locate six articles on a research topic of your interest—two quantitative research articles, two qualitative research articles, and two mixed methods research articles—published in peer-reviewed journals.
• Prepare an annotated bibliography that includes the following:
o A one-paragraph introduction that provides context for why you selected the research articles you did.
o A reference list entry in APA Style for each of the six articles that follows proper formatting. Follow each reference list entry with a three-paragraph annotation that includes:
 A summary
 An analysis
 An application as illustrated in this example
o A one-paragraph conclusion that presents a synthesis of the six articles.
• Format your annotated bibliography in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. A separate References list page is not needed for this assignment.

Submit your Annotated Bibliography.

1. The final assignment is one piece. It should contain a brief introduction explaining your rationale for the selection of articles, annotated bibliography of six articles of your choice, on a subject of your interest, and a conclusion that presents a synthesis of the articles.

2. The articles should be DIFFERENT from the ones used in the previous assignments in week 6 and week 8 – you have already received credit for them.

3. You should include in your review two studies of each type – two qualitative, two quantitative, and two mixed methods research studies. Note that the studies should be empirical – not literature reviews or theoretical essays.

4. Clearly list the type of article (using a subheading) and then identify the specific method used that makes the study qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods research.

For quantitative, list whether it is a survey, correlational, causal comparative, experimental, etc. type study.
For qualitative, specify whether it is a case study, ethnography, phenomenology, narrative study, grounded theory, action research, etc.
For mixed methods, specify either the purpose: triangulation, complementarity, development, initiation, and expansion; or, the strategy: concurrent or sequential. If unable to find it explicitly stated in the MMR study, make the most informed guess possible.
For example:
Quantitative article one: A Survey research
Quantitative article two: An Experimental Study
Qualitative article one: A Case Study
Qualitative article two: A Phenomenological Study
Mixed Methods article one: Triangulation
Mixed Methods article two: Sequential

5. Make sure you do not mix methodological approaches, assumptions and criteria. Some of you made this mistake in your week 6 and 8 assignments – discussing quantitative elements in the context of a qualitative study and vice versa.

6. In the analytical section, include at a minimum what the research design is, what evidence you find that this is exactly the type of research design claimed, and what were the strengths and limitations of the application of that design. Comments on research questions, theoretical/conceptual framework, and sampling would be also very beneficial.

7. Make sure you clearly outline – with new paragraphs and even with subheadings – the three parts of each annotated bibliographical entry – summary, analysis/critique, and application.

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