Reflective Listening

Social Work and Human Services

Practice: Reflective Listening with someone that does not know you well. Engage in a normal conversation, but refrain entirely from asking questions! Do nothing more than paraphrase content and reflect feelings. This is typically much harder than it seems. You’ll find yourself wanting to direct the flow of discussion and show interest by asking questions as we all do in colloquial conversation-refrain! Don’t give advice. Open yourself to being a participant and exploring the value of simple active listening.
Write: a 3 page paper addressing the following reflection topics:
Note your surroundings and any prior relationship with subject
Note your subject’s reaction to this style of listening.
How did he/she respond?
How did reflecting and paraphrasing affect the amount and type of information the subject provided?
What strengths did you identify in your subject? What strengths did the subject demonstrate in dealing with current adversities?
What did you detect about how the subject felt as you listened in this manner?
How did you feel?
How the “session” was effective? How was it different than one of your “normal” conversations?
What difficulties did you have practicing reflective listening?
Explain how your own characteristics, personal values, biases, and ethnic/cultural worldview affected this “therapeutic” relationship. Were you judgmental? Did you want to give advice?
Explain how you were or were not culturally sensitivity in this “session.” Please make sure you follow the instructions

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