Literacy Assessment

The Purpose of Classroom Literacy Assessment

Task: Valencia’s (1997) discourse about, The Changes in Reading Assessment, states that: “Significant changes are being made in the way reading and writing are assessed. Tests given to large numbers of students, even state and national reading measures, are moving away from the exclusive use of multiple-choice items to items that require students to actively construct and examine the meaning of reading selections. Classroom assessment procedures, those used by classroom teachers on an ongoing basis, are also changing. Less emphasis is being placed on formal test measures, and more emphasis is being placed on teacher observations, samples of student instructional products, and student self-evaluation. Meaningful collections of such observations, work samples, and reflections are assembled into portfolios, which document student achievement and progress in literacy.” (P. 1).                      *






With reference to the relevant readings you have done, and your professional experience, in one paragraph, explain in two sentences what is summative assessment, then explain how summative assessment is done in your classroom. In another paragraph, explain why you agree or disagree with Valencia’s statement. (Validate your work with relevant literature)


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