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Listening Musical Outline

1. Study the Listening Outlines on pages 8-10 in the Kamien text.
2. You are to pick a composition with which you are familiar OTHER than the one you used in Writing Assignment #1 and you are to create a listening outline of it in the same format as those in the Kamien text.
3. As with the first assignment, you may not use any music that is in the textbook for this course.
4. You must submit a link to the performance from which you created the outline so I can listen to the music to check the accuracy of your work.
5. This will require you to listen to the music many times as you create the outline of what happens in the music. Your work will be easiest if you use a player, such as MS Media Player or RealPlayer, with a timer that displays minutes and seconds and which has a slider to facilitate easily moving to various parts of the music.
6. Data you show in your outline will include, but, not necessarily be limited to, the topics of timbre, tempo, dynamics, form, and vocal/instrumental solos.
7. Your submission will list the song’s title, composer, if available, performer(s’) name(s) and or the name of the ensemble and the style of music the song represents.
8. Write the assignment in a Word document. The format of this assignment is that of an outline; DO NOT write it in paragraph form.
9. What did you learn about the composition you chose for this assignment and or about music in general while doing this assignment?
10. Did doing this assignment affect your approach to listening to other music? If you answer, “Yes”, please explain in what way(s).

This assignment is worth 15 points toward your final course grade. It will be graded on the accuracy and thoroughness of the outline you create. There is no correct answer to items #8 and #9 except your honest opinion; your score for the assignment will be lowered if you do not answer them.

(I added photos of pages 8-10 of the Listening Outlines that my teacher is talking about. Use the Listening Outlines as references to use the same format that the book used. Use the song “The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart)

Last Updated on March 22, 2018

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