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Project Management in Health Services

MGT173: Project Management in Health Services

CE3: Designing for Effectiveness


Assignment: Complete Part I – II as a team in your assigned breakout room. Part III is to be completed individually by each student prior to submitting the assignment on canvas.

** If you missed this session you must complete each section individually.

Part I: Logic Model exercise with Guest Speaker: Given the Goal and Problem statement, please complete the logic model components (resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes) shown below:

Goal: UC San Diego would like to launch a new social media campaign focused on physical activity and sedentary behavior. The goal of this campaign is to increase motivation, knowledge, and self-efficacy surrounding physical activity, while reducing sedentary behavior among UC San Diego students.

Problem Statement: The 2019 National College Health Assessment (NCHA) revealed that only 46% of UC San Diego students are meeting the Health & Human Services’ recommendation for moderate-intensity (150 minutes) and vigorous-intensity (75 minutes) exercise. It can be postulated that this percentage has likely decreased since 2019 as a result of COVID-19, which has required UCSD to transition to remote learning. Due to the nature of remote learning, it is likely that screen time has increased while physical activity has decreased as students are no longer walking from class to class, riding bikes across campus, etc.








PART II: As a team, please complete 2A and 2B below:

2A: Organizational (Org) chart: As a team, review the three organizational charts:San Diego (SD) County Org Chart, Health and Human Services (HHSA) Org Chart, Public Health Services (PHS) Org Chart. Based on the charts, complete the following:

SD County Org Chart:

What departmentalization approaches are used based on the org chart?

HHSA Org Chart:

What departmentalization approaches are used based on the org chart?

PHS Org Chart:

What departmentalization approaches are used based on the org chart?

How many different programmatic branches are there?

How many branches does the Director of Nursing cover?

How many administrative branches are there?

How many Units, also known as work groups, are there?

Name one advisory group identified in the chart.

2B: Span of control factors: List the 5 factors considered when determining the span of control.

PART III: Personalize it(Individual answer): Describe (1-2 paragraphs) the design of an organization you work for now or one you worked for in the past or an organization you would like to work for in the future. MUST INCLUDE the following for full credit: Organizational chart description (state if the span of control is narrow or wide, you can include picture (not mandatory), how is it departmentalized (use one of the 5 common departmentalizations discussed in video 2.1 and shown in the PPT for this week) and what is the advantage/disadvantage of that departmentalization approach in that organization.

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