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Kodak Case Study Questions


  1. What are the challenges facing Clarke as he attempts to bring Kodak out of bankruptcy?
  2. What trade-offs does Clarke face?
  3. What is the biggest mistake he could make as Kodak’s newly appointed CEO?
  4. If you were a longtime board member at Kodak, what criteria would you use to measure Clarke’s success? Consider both financial and non-financial criteria to evaluate his progress.
  5. The current version of the case study was published on August 24, 2020 BUT the first version was published in 2018. Based on the information available on the official site of Kodak and any online reliable resources, briefly describe the evolution of the company in recent years (2019 – 2020) by listing key facts and figures.
  6. Analyze Kodak’s competitive advantage using the value – cost framework. What are the key drivers of customer value for Kodak? What are the key cost drivers?
  7. How is Kodak industry defined? What are the key dimensions used to identify competitors?
  8. What entry barriers does this industry pose to possible entrants? What are the major substitutes?
  9. What partnerships is Kodak currently engaged in? Describe briefly at least two examples.
  10. How is Kodak organized to compete globally? Is this form of organization effective?

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