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product that has created problems

Q1. Formed blood elements are _______ , _______ , and ___________.


Q2.  The oxygen-carrying protein in RBCs is called ________________


Q3. The cells that make up the backbone of your immune system are the white blood cells and they are largely made in the  _______________.


Q4. The process of clotting is called ___________________


Q5.  People with type AB blood are called universal _______ .


Q6.  Patient who has suffered a cut to a blood vessel will first experience the rushing of ____________ to the site of the cut.  They can be called the first responders in this case and are called:

  1. coagulation proteins/factors b. platelets  c. fibrin  d. thrombin


Q7.  The hormone that regulates the speed of our metabolic reactions is called :

  1. thyroxine b. growth hormone c. erythropoietin  d.  insulin

Q8.   The vasomotor center is located in the part of the brainstem called the  ____________

  1. pituitary b. thalamus c. medulla  d. cerebellum

Q9.  Blood is supplied to the myocardium by the _______ vessels.

Q10.  Abnormally fast heart rate is called __________________________.

Q 11:  A heart disease that develops after a streptococcal throat infection is called:
a.  typhoid fever b. valley fever  c. rheumatic fever  d. yellow fever

Q12.  A condition whereby the patient does not have enough red blood cells or the hemoglobin in the red blood cells is defective in either case leads to poor oxygenation of the body’s tissues.  The condition is called:

  1. viremia b. bacteremia c. ischemia  d.  anemia

Q13.   The normal pacemaker of the heart found in the wall of the right atrium is called the:
a. SA node  b.  AV node  c. AV bundle  d.  bundle branches

Q14.   ____________ is due at times to bacterial infection of the sac around the heart.

  1. pericarditis b.  rheumatic fever  c.  myocardial infarction  d. pneumonia


Q15. Defective and damaged RBCs are mostly removed from the circulation by the:

  1. stomach b. spleen  c. liver   d. brain

Q16.  Nonspecific defenses include such things as the :
a. antibodies  b.  antigens   c. skin  d.  T and B cells that are primed to target an invader.

Q17.   B-cells are responsible for _______ immunity, and T cells are responible for _______________ immunity.

Q18.   The disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi and transmitted by deer ticks is called;

  1. chicken pox b. measles c. Lyme disease  d. tuberculosis

Q19. The appendix is an appendage of the

  1. small intestine b. large intestine c. stomach  d. liver

Q20:  An autoimmune attack on the pancreas that can lead to diabetes is due to the immune system causing the destruction of

  1. alpha cells b.   beta cells   d.  delta cells

Q21.    The vocal cords are found in the:

  1. trachea b. pharynx c. larynx   d. bronchi

Q22.  Diffusion of gases between capillary beds and tissue results in the movement of oxygen from the and carbon dioxide from the blood to the tissues. Tor f?

Q23. A defective gene that causes a buildup of mucus in the lungs causes the disease called cystic fibrosis: it involves a defect in the ability to transport:

  1. sodium b. chloride    c.  potassium   d.  bicarbonate

Q24.  The destruction of alveoli by irritants such as cigarettes smoke is called:

a. pneumonia  b. pulmonary hypertension  c. emphysema  d.  heart failure.


Q25.  Accumulation of fluid in the alveoli is a typical finding with :

  1. pneumonia b. chickenpox c. measles  d.  hepatitis




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