Waste Land Film

Waste Land Film Worksheet


Please view the 2010 film, about the JardimGramacho, and fill answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible.


  1. Describe the JardimGramacho: where is it, what it is, the conditions there, the look, smell, and feel of it.












  1. Describe the work that is done there. What exactly are the “pickers” doing? Why are they important for the functioning of the JardimGramacho?











  1. Profile any two of the pickers that the film focuses on. Describe their lives, their work, how they came to be there, what they plan for the future, and any other information you think is helpful to understanding them.









  1. What are the main problems that plague the pickers as a group? What means do they have to address those problems?











  1. Describe the process of making the art. Why does Vik think it’s important that the artwork is created in particular ways, with particular materials, and by particular people?










  1. At one point, Vik, his wife, and his collaborator Fabio discuss the unhappiness of the pickers at the prospect of returning to the JardimGramacho once the art project is completed. How did this conversation go?










  1. Consider Guha and Gadgil’s ideas about “modes of resource use.” Which mode of resource use do the pickers fit into?

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