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PowerPoint Presentation

Adaptive Learning

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The board of directors of your organization has identified you as a change agent who can help
move your industry into the next phase of technological innovation. They have asked you to
identify the best technological innovation available that could improve the way people work or
learn in your business. The goal of your presentation is to get the board to adopt the innovation
you propose.
If the board accepts your suggestion, they will implement the technological innovation
throughout your industry. You must convince them that this innovation has been diffused widely
enough to make a difference in other organizations. The board wants to know the best way to
approach the members of your organization to facilitate adoption.
You will create a multimedia presentation to present to the board of directions to demonstrate the
diffusion and adoption process for one innovation introduced in your industry. This will be a
narrated multimedia presentation.
Presentation: Your slides should show graphic portrayals of the research and information you
have gathered, using keywords judiciously.
Initially, create a storyboard for your presentation. You will then transform your storyboard into
a multimedia presentation.
Develop your multimedia presentation based on visual design principles.

Overview of chosen Innovation:

The adaptive learning environment is an ideal multimedia project because it aims to enhance
every learning activity with computer technology. In the event of a classroom session, the use of
videos, interactive animation, and audio devices can help to enhance teaching and give learning a
new touch. Also, the class becomes an online encounter where students can access the learning
course and content online in a specific website. Adaptive learning is very effective for the K-12
workplace because students can engage in various online activities including use of flash
animations and videos to allow the enhancement of content that fosters understanding and makes
learning an enjoyable encounter that promotes creativity. Learning content is arranged in a
systematic manner, and this allows teachers to have adequate time interacting with their students
in class because the manual process of note-taking is no part of the learning process. In an
environment where students are trying to put their ideas together, the use of adaptive learning has
room for simulations where students can practice on concepts that are not clear. Learning takes
place throughout until a certain course is over, and this makes it easy for a teacher to monitor the
performance of each student (Nedungadi, Raman, 2010).
Specifically, I would like to introduce SMARTSPARROW this adaptive learning software to the
board of directors, for deployment onto student school computers.

Adaptive Learning
Part 1.

Research the innovation Adaptive Learning to find out when it was introduced, how far it has
matured, and its rate of adoption over time. Incorporate this information into the storyboard for
your multimedia presentation to demonstrate the innovation’s progress through each stage of the
innovation-decision process (Rogers, 2003, pp. 168–218). Be sure your storyboard/presentation
includes a timeline of your innovation’s progress as well as the most effective communication
channels that influenced the decision to adopt the innovation.
Include an S-curve that forecasts the adoption of your innovation. The S-curve should
demonstrate how the usage of your innovation evolved in a population over time. Diffusion of
innovations should focus on the characteristics of an innovation that may influence adoption, the
decision-making process that occurs when individuals consider adopting an innovation, the
characteristics of individuals that make them likely to adopt an innovation, the consequences of
adopting an innovation for individuals and society, and the communication channels used in the
adoption process. Be sure to include an accurate timeline and the percentage of penetration of the
innovation from its introduction to the present day. Add your S-curve to the storyboard for your
presentation, along with a brief explanation of what the data demonstrates.
As you continue to create your storyboard in each module, you should also begin creating your
multimedia presentation.

Adaptive Learning
Part 2.

Respond to the following in your presentation:
Who will you recommend as key change agents in your organization? How can the seven
roles of a change agent be used in your organization to effect positive social change
(Rogers, 2003, Chapter 9, The Change Agent, pp. 312–346)?
Who would you expect to be (or who are) the innovators and early adopters in your field
of work for the innovation you are exploring? What strategies are the most persuasive in
convincing them to adopt the innovation?
Who do you think would be (or who are) the laggards in terms of accepting (or adopting)
the innovation? What strategies would be best to help move them toward adoption?
Which combination of perceived attributes would be best for helping your innovation
meet critical mass in your industry?
Do you believe a centralized or decentralized approach would work best for the adoption
of the innovation you are proposing to the Board of Directors?
Has the innovation you are proposing to the Board already met critical mass in society? If
it has not met critical mass, which of the four strategies for achieving critical mass would
you recommend to the Board for your innovation?

Part 3.

As a general rule, it is not the proposed changes that employees resist but the impact that the
changes will have on their work. The adoption of an innovation can lead to large scale fear about
how their jobs will change and the impact it will have on their work responsibilities. The role of
a champion in an organization is to overcome the barriers and resistance to a new idea by
influencing others in the adoption process and helping employees see that the change is an
opportunity for growth.

Complete the Multimedia Presentation

Create your final slides and finalize your multimedia presentation by reflecting on what you
discovered about your role as the champion in order to set the agenda for your organization by:
Defining the need for your innovation
Matching your innovation to that need
Including any additional information that is pertinent to persuading the Board of
Directors to adopt your innovation, which should involve:
Considering your audience and the adopter categories to which they might belong, and
Constructing a concise, detailed, persuasive argument that would best fit those in your field of
work. Conclude your presentation with a powerful and passionate message.


Please make sure all references that are used are documented in APA format. Thank you.
Rogers, E. M. (2003). Diffusion of innovations (3th ed.). New York, NY: Free Press. (

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Adaptive Learning

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