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Innovating Innovation@TK

Innovating Innovation@TK

Why did Reihold Achatz agree to move from a 2000 person R&D organization at Siemens to a 20 person organization at tk?

How effective has Achatz been in transforming tk’s innovation process so far? What grade would you give his performance so far?

Why did Achatz choose to start with a new PLM process, as he developed tk’s new innovation process?

How can a small central R&D organization motivate powerful business units to cooperate with new innovation initiatives?

Where should the new projects shown in Exhibit 4 go in the tk innovation process? Place each project in the part of the tk process where you think it fits best? What criteria di you use to address this question?

What role does open innovation play in tk’s innovation process?

Innovating Innovation@TK

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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