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Credentialing application program or software

You have been brought together as a team representing the stakeholders in a small hospital with many physicians. The physicians must be credentialed, or approved and verified, before they can work at the hospital. Your task is to help the stakeholders come to agreement on the credentialing application program or software to purchase and implement. As a Project Manager and team, you will take the company through the selection process, integration, implementation, and GoLive.

This is a video that goes over the first part of the Final Project IS Project Example.mpp to help get you started. The resources and how to use the resources I created to help you in How to use the MS Project section


You have been provided a list of activities that need to occur in the project. You can add to this list but you cannot shorten it. The list is already in order of action. IS Project Example.mpp

  • Choose a product to implement.
  • Add resources.
  • Structure the project plan in MS Project.
  • Assign resources.
  • The expectation is the project will start now and GoLive on October 1st so schedule the project accordingly.
  • Keep in mind the dependencies for each task that you will learn about during the process mapping exercise.
  • Each team member, and others as determined by your team will be assigned tasks as resources for the project.

Project Deliverables – 2 MS Project files + PowerPoint presentation file

  • Project Plan (WBS) – MS Project project file with assigned resources, dates, process flow (dependencies), task grouping, and a reasonable Gannt Chart.
  • Final step, changing the date on your project to start to next year instead of this year. This final step will prove if you have correctly setup you project file. Change the date for the entire project, not each task. Make sure to open the your final project plan for this year, save it as the next year version, then make your date change. remember to use a naming convention that tells me the year of the Project Plan.
  •  As a team, using examples from personal experience describe a project activity where the cost of prevention might be much higher than the cost of failure and unlikely enough to accept the risk of its failure rather than pay the cost of prevention. Then describe a project activity where the cost of prevention is smaller than the cost of failure. The goal is at least 10 examples to share with the class ( examples should be IT security related)


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