Building a Standard Sales Curriculum in South East Asia

APA style, Font 12, Times New Roman

Assessment: This report of 4000 words, exclude references, is a continuation of Assignment #1 (attached). Use Power point (attached) as guide.

Please use Reference not more than 12 years ago

Task Description: Prepare and submit a written report on your project. The report must provide detailed elaboration of the findings in the presentation of Powerpoint (attached) and is to include:
• Findings,
• Discussions,
• Conclusions/recommendations, and
• Limitations of the study.

Attached an appendix that incorporates the amended proposal you developed for Assessment #1 (attached) that reflects the actual conduct of the project. Amendments may include such things as alterations to procedures, participants, etc. It is important that the appendix outlines the project as it was conducted not the project as it was proposed.

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