Multimedia Project


Subject to approval and based on your project proposal discussion with the unit coordinator – you need to produce a multimedia package that must include all of these interlinking elements:

  • 600 words of text
  • A 2:30 minute video package
  • A 2 minute audio package
  • Two photos, at least one of which must be original
  • Hyperlinks, and
  • At least one other element (e.g. graphics, social media)


Text & other elements (weighted at 10 marks)

Your multimedia package must weave all the elements together to tell a compelling story.

Text must include:

  • Strong headline(s) & lead
  • At least 2 hyperlinks to add value to the story.
  • The text may be at least partly based on your video and audio interviews but must add value – i.e. not just replicate what is in the audio/videos

Photos must include:

  • At least one original photo. You may also use other photos – e.g. free stock photos, photos sourced from your talent, keeping in mind copyright requirements.
  • All photos must be captioned and credited .
  • Photo captions should not simply describe what you can see in the photo, but add value to the story.

Other elements

  • You are required to include at least one other element that adds value and meaning to the story.
  • This may be an original infographic, social media embeds, GIFs etc.
  • Any queries, please contact me.

Audio package (weighted at 10 marks)

The audio component must:

  • Include narrative and sound bites (voice grabs) from at least two interviews you have recorded yourself.
  • At least one of these voice grabs must be from a separate interview to the video report.
  • Vox pops and natural sound (atmos) or SFX may be included if desired.
  • A script also needs to be written & submitted for this report. See template provided.
  • Duration: 2:00 minutes

Video story (weighted at 20 marks)

The video – or MOJO – story must contain:

  • Interview grabs from at least 3 talent. You must have shot this footage yourself.
  • A strong narrative
  • Overlay (B-Roll),
  • Titles and captioning.
  • Voiced narration and/or a piece to camera is not required but can be included if desired.
  • A script also needs to be written and submitted for this report. See template provided.
  • Duration: 2:30 minutes

Other important information

  • Deakin related stories and interviews with family members, Deakin students and friends will not be accepted.
  • Your interviews should be with representatives of groups, organisations or associations who can speak on behalf of that organisation, group or association.
  • The names and contact details of the people interviewed for the assignment must be included at the end of the script.
  • All reports are to be on the same broad topic, with each element telling a different part of the story
  • All reports must be produced and edited observing the lessons/resources in the unit.
  • You must ensure your stories are ‘fact checked’ for accuracy.
  • They must be uploaded to Deakin Air by the assignment due date.
  • Please refer to the designated rubric for this assignment – to ensure you have addressed all the assignment criteria/requirements.

You must ensure in your package that you:

  • Do not defame people
  • Do not create news stories about sub judice matters (a case before the courts)
  • Do not breach copyright (intellectual property)
  • Your story should be community related but at the same time have a news angle to it.


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