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Measurement of Blood Pressure

lab 9

Identify the VO2 max from this individual. (The conditional formatting options in Excel allow us to color code low values as green through high values at red.Data from min 14:39 / 14:59 appear to be a potential VO2 max but there is a drastic dip and peak that give the impression that there was an averaging error or processing delay.)

The respiratory exchange ratio (RER) provides information about the fuel source being utilized during exercise. What columns provide fuel source information? How are they changing as workload is increasing? What is the RER at the end of the exercise portion of the test?

Plot VE/VO2 from 7:59 to 18:19.Look at the shape of the curve. Near the end of the exercise test there is a change in the slope of the line.This is an indication of the anaerobic threshold.What does this mean?

What is the max METs achieved?Is this MET variable from the individual’s measured METs or estimated METs? How do you know?Based on Byrne et al., 2005, can you guess what the MET value should be for this 18-22 year old male?

lab 11

1RM Chest and Leg Press

How many warm-up sets should be completed?

How many 1RM attempts should be completed?

Tim completed his three warm-up sets and then successfully lifted 160lbs, and 220lbs, but failed to lift 260lbs.How can I guarantee that I will find the true 1RM (within 10 lbs) in the next two attempts?

Besides safety, what is the purpose of conducting warm-up sets?

If the person I am testing is concerned about lifting a heavy weight for a 1RM test, what alternative could I offer that would allow me to identify their 1RM?

If you conduct a test using a machine instead of free weights, how can I ensure that the tests will be comparable?


What cadence does the participant need to follow for this protocol?

What does the person leading the testing need to observe to consider a repetition of the push-up complete and count it towards the total?

When does the test end?

Standing Long Jump

How is the distance for a jump calculated?What two points are needed to determine the distance?

How many attempts are allowed for an individual?

What counts as a successful attempt?


Lab 16: Measurement of Blood Pressure

Muntner, P., Shimbo, D., Carey, R. M., Charleston, J. B., Gaillard, T., Misra, S., … & Urbina, E. M. (2019). Measurement of blood pressure in humans: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association. Hypertension, 73(5), e35-e66.

What is blood pressure? (
(Khan Academy))

Karotkoff Sounds ( (Visualization),
(CAT Doplar exploration of audio),
(Khan Academy explanation with visual drawings))

2017 AHA New Blood Pressure Guidelines (

Questions: (Table 5 for 1-3)

  1. PATIENT: What needs to be done to prepare the patient for the blood pressure reading?
  2. EQUIPMENT: What needs to be done to prepare the equipment properly for the blood pressure reading?
  3. MEASUREMENT: What should be done to take proper measurements?
  4. What is the effect of a cuff that is too small or too large? Give a specific answer for each case.
  5. What are Karotkoff sounds? How are they used in brachial BP measurement?
  6. What happens if the cuff touches the stethoscope?
  7. What is the appropriate deflation rate of the cuff?
  8. Describe the effect of talking during a BP measurement.
  9. How would crossing the legs affect the results of a BP measurement?
  10. What is white coat syndrome and how do it affect single measurements of BP? What is the solution?
  11. According to Table 7, how should blood pressure values to recorded to diagnose into blood pressure categories?
  12. Read about BP Kiosks and give your opinion on their usefulness (P16 / e50).

Lab 17: Converting Bruce Protocol from Treadmill to Upper Body Cycle Ergometer

Instructions: Open the Google Drive Sheet and download it to Excel, make a conversion to VO2 at each workload, convert VO2 to Watt if possible. You may need to do some reading to find out if this is possible.

Bruce Treadmill Protocol:

StageSpeed (mph)Treadmill Grade (slope)End of Stage (Time)

Converted Bruce Upper Body Cycle Ergometer Protocol

StageEnd of Stage (Time)


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