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M9 Discussion – Taking Care of Ourselves

Required Reading

Brannon & Updegraff
Chapter 14- Eating and Weight
Chapter 15 – Exercise
Video: Sciencentral. (March, 2008). Overeaters’ Brain. (01:33)
Video: Seeker. (May, 2013). Do Doctors Treat Fat Patients Differently?. (03:13)
Video: Drinkwater, K. (May, 2016). Enough with the Fear of Fat. TEDTalks. (12:20)
Explore the factors involved in healthy eating and weight management
Breakdown the differences in eating disorders, overeating, and obesity
Module Objectives
Evaluate behaviors which lead to unhealthy eating, weight, and exercise
Assess the media’s role in the development of problematic views on eating, weight, and exercise.

Please select one critical issue below which is impacting eating, exercising, and weight management in the United States to discuss. Again, you only need to select one point below:

How does obesity impact health both for the individual as well as US society? Describe at least 3 ways.
What is Anorexia Nervosa? Bulimia? Binge Eating Disorder? Explain the causes and treatment for these disorders.
What are the benefits of regular physical activity to the cardiovascular system? Describe at least 3 benefits.
How much and often should someone exercise? How much is too much exercise? Describe these points in detail.
What is healthy eating as well as a healthy weight? Describe at least 3 key factors.
You may compare ideas, assess the value of theories, verify evidence, and make choices based on reasoned arguments. Cite your sources using APA style.

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