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Eating disorders and families

Eating disorders and families

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This essay is 10 pages in length excluding the bibliography.  Students can choose any topic they would like related to Eating Disorders except for topics that are specifically focused on medical issues.

Powerpoint 1

Family treatment of eating disorders.In Clinical Manual of Eating Disorders.


Powerpoint 2

The Self-Schema Model: A Theoretical Approach to the Self-Concept in Eating Disorders. Psychiatric Nursing


Causes and Recovery in Anorexia Nervosa: The Patient’s Perspective

The Critical Shapes of Body Image: The Role of Culture and Family in the Production of Eating


Notes for writer:

Talk about the development of self-schemas and a concept of self with regards to family interactions

Talk about the risk factors for eating disorders and how they can sometimes be mitigated by positive self-schemas formed by positive family relationships.

Talk about ways in which early identity formation and parent-child relationships are linked.

Talk about the different family types (enmeshed, etc) that are discussed in the powerpoints and in research  and how they are thought to contribute to eating disorders.

Mention the fact that adult patients cite difficult family relationships as a factor in their eating disorders.

Mention the ways in which a positive parent-child relationship can be help prevent eating disorders.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you.
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Eating disorders and families

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