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#MeToo The internet awareness campaign

COMM/FILM/PCUL 2F00: New Media Literacy, #MeToo

Description: This assignment uses module themes and course readings as a way to critically
analyze and discuss the internet awareness campaign #MeToo, and its socio-cultural

Length: Minimum: 1500 words Maximum: 1800 words
Purpose: The purpose of the assignment is to bridge course concepts, module themes, research
literature, and an important current event taking place on the internet at this time.
You will use the #MeToo campaign to show your ability to asses current events that bridge
physical and digital worlds, and critically analyze them in an academic manner (versus forming
opinions without facts). This assignment reveals the complexities of the digital world, and our
roles within it – it is not about whether you agree or disagree with this awareness campaign, we
are simply analyzing the viral spreading of a hashtag, and trying to understand and articulate the
socio-cultural implications of this online event in different ways.
Submission: Upload your assignment via Sakai. Go to “Assignments”, click on Assignment 2,
and click on ‘Add Attachments’. You will upload your assignment as a single file.

Parameters: #MeToo

Your assignment must be uploaded as a single .doc file, or as a single .pdf file.
Mac users: you can convert a Pages document into a word .doc by going to the menu bar and
choosing: ‘File’ – ‘Export’– ‘Word’.
Files that cannot open and/or incorrect files will receive a grade of 0.
We will not be tracking down assignments: you must submit properly, on-time.
Check and double check to ensure that the file is attached and is the correct file. After
submitting, definitely review your submission so you can see/confirm the file.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have uploaded your file into Sakai. You have a
maximum of five re-submission attempts BEFORE the deadline passes.
Late assignments are not accepted and will receive a grade of 0.
Assignments sent via e-mail will receive a grade of 0.
Do not wait until the last ten minutes to submit your module response.
Technological issues (ie my laptop froze at 11:44pm) are not grounds for extensions. You
MUST have the appropriate (and reliable) technology to take this course, and you must plan
your time effectively. #MeToo

Instructions for Assignment #2: #MeToo

Do some research about the #MeToo campaign to understand its origin and purpose – plus the
commentary and discussions surrounding it.
Wikipedia: Me Too (hashtag)
Know Your Meme: #MeToo
#Metoo website:
Time Person of the Year 2017
Please note that this campaign deals with issues of sexual assault and harassment. If the public
posts (Tweets, Instagram etc) are sensitive for you, then just read the Wikipedia entry and Know
Your Meme.
Looking at the course syllabus, and the material we are covering this year, consider how aspects
of the #MeToo campaign can be examined through and connected to the module themes and
course readings.
Participatory Culture
Networks & Networking
Digital Divides
Identity & Community
Privacy & Surveillance
You’ll need to review the required readings in these modules, and understand the key points and
issues that were highlighted in the readings and lecture notes.
You will then choose three module themes from this list, which will act as the critical lens that
you will use to analyze the #MeToo campaign. For example, what does this campaign show us
about the role of networks and networking in going viral? What can this campaign teach us about
online community, and the power of strangers bonding together? What can we say about privacy
and this campaign, and the revealing (and outing) of personal and intimate details? What does
the Digital Divide research remind us to pay attention to here – can everyone access and
participate in this campaign? What kinds of race and class issues surface in this digital
campaign? In what ways does this campaign show us that in a participatory culture, not
everyone’s contributions are welcome or validated? There are many different ways that you can
analyze the #MeToo campaign via the course themes and material. These are just some
suggestions. Ask yourself: What stands out for me? What do I find interesting? What do I find
Once you have your three themes selected, consider if there is an overarching theme, statement,
or argument you can make from your analysis and support. You also want to think about why
your analysis is significant or important to discuss.

Structure of Assignment: #MeToo

Introduction: 2 paragraphs
Briefly describe the #MeToo campaign (don’t forget to cite your info); outline what you will
discuss; note any overarching theme or argument; note why the analysis is significant;
Body: 6-9 paragraphs
Each theme discussion must include at least two of the module’s required readings in support of
your analysis (that’s six in total).
Theme 1: 2-3 paragraphs (includes at least two required module readings)
Theme 2: 2-3 paragraphs (includes at least two required module readings)
Theme 3: 2-3 paragraphs (includes at least two required module readings)
Conclusion: 1 paragraph
In a few sentences, briefly reiterate the main arguments; do something with the analysis: a call to
action, food for thought, or a contextualization of the argument in a larger context. Where do we
go from here?

Important Notes: #MeToo

The ‘tone’ of assignment two is academic.
You are required to stay within the minimum and maximum word count or you will be
penalized one full mark.
Please pay attention to your writing style – grammar and punctuation matter. Have someone
proofread your work. Your responses should have an introduction, body/discussion, and
conclusion as provided in the instructions.
Your assignment must include at least two of the module’s required readings in support of
each theme analysis/discussion (that’s six required module readings in total). You can
absolutely use additional sources or course readings if you need to, once the minimums has
been met.
Be sure to include any media articles regarding the campaign in your reference list – cited
Properly cite any readings that you use using APA. Reference list is not included in the word
count. Submissions that do not cite and reference material properly will not be accepted and
will result in a zero.
Use APA format for citing the readings and for your reference list – you may include a title
page, or running header this assignment.
Do not use any direct quotes in your module submissions. Instead, rephrase and cite properly,
or you will be penalized one full mark.
Please name your Assignment #2 file properly with course number, last name, and
assignment name. For example: 2F00YourLastNameA2.doc

Framework of Grading: #MeToo

Incomplete 50s D
Submission is missing key components of the assignment guidelines.
Inaccuracies 60s C
Submission does not follow assignment guidelines or requirements.
Needs Work 70s B
Submission mostly follows requirements, but has areas that need improvement (ie depth of
Meets Criteria 80s A
Submission follows guidelines and meets all assignment requirements in a coherent way.
Exceeds Expectations 90 A+
Submission reflects a level of analysis that goes beyond what is expected at a second year course
Grading Rubric will be supplied in an additional file at a later time.

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