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Assignment Example.

Peak Performance

For this assignment, interview an individual, age 40 or older, that enjoys their profession a great deal, someone who you feel displays a sense of purpose, intrinsic motivation and passion for their work.

Your interview questions should include:

Did you always want to have a profession in this field?
When did you discover your true passion for your work/field? Has it changed over the years? How so?
How have you maintained your interest and enthusiasm for your work?

To what extent do you rely on yourself and what extend do you rely on your colleagues, mentors, protégées, etc to help in this regard?

What gives you the greatest sense of fulfillment in your “peak work experiences”?

If you could offer someone advice regarding how to stay engaged and excited by your profession what would you say?
Offer a conclusion that demonstrates your own insights into the interview. What did you find most interesting? What did you find most beneficial as you develop as a professional?

Case Study: Arctic Sea Ice and How Cold It Is!

Review The Following Website article entitledArctic Sea Ice Maximum at Second Lowest In Satellite Record

Please answer the following questions related to the article and website. Keep your overall submission to 1-single spaced page. Use correct grammar and structure when providing your answer.

Discuss the assignment with your peers, however, the final product must be an individual/unique submission.

1) Provide a brief summary of the article.
2) Briefly define Sea Ice Concentration and what percentage threshold is used to delineate sea ice extent?
3) When does the maximum and minimum sea ice extent occur? Is there inter-annual variability on the timing explain?

4) Using the additional tools on the site ( )
a. What was the difference between the 1979 and 2017 maximum sea ice extent?
b. What was the difference between the 1979 and 2012 minimum sea ice extent?
c. Do the (10?) years with the lowest maximum sea ice extents also exhibit the lowest minimum sea ice extents?

5) Explain the Ice-Albedo Feedback. Which sea ice extent measurement (maximum or minimum) do you think is more closely connected to the Ice-Albedo Feedback as it pertains to the climate system, why?

6) How does the Antarctic Sea Ice Extent compare to the Arctic Sea Ice Extent on an annual basis?
7) What could an ice free Arctic mean for?
a. Trade
b. Ocean Circulation
c. Oil Exploration and Land Rights

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