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Individuals with Exceptionalities Presentation

Identification, Referral, Evaluation, and Eligibility for Individuals with Exceptionalities Presentation


Your principal has asked you to prepare a presentation to inform new general education teachers about the basics of special education identification and referral, evaluation, and eligibility for individuals with exceptionalities.

Within your presentation:
1.Describe what a special education referral is, which individuals may make such a referral, and distinguish special education identification from a special education referral.
2.Identify and summarize the special education evaluation process and procedures, including who conducts evaluations and how evaluation costs are paid.
3.Identify rights and responsibilities of individuals with exceptionalities, parents, teachers, schools, and other professionals within the evaluation process.

Support your presentation with a minimum of three scholarly resources, referencing all applicable laws and policies.

Last Updated on January 22, 2018

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