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Education Laws Essay Example

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Education Laws

Special education laws are crucial because they enhance the quality of lives of individuals living with disabilities via lifespans through numerous differences exist in their degree of protection and services for individuals living in countries like the United States (Ochoa et al.,2017). Examples of the special education laws include rehabilitation and anti-discriminatory laws, which mainly protect individuals with disabilities, educational laws, and disability laws (Ochoa et al., .2017). As such, most countries with clear educational provisions in their specific special education laws have plenty of educational and social outcomes for persons with disabilities.

The broad anti-discriminatory disability laws are among the initial steps crucial in improving the lives of persons with disabilities because they enhance equal opportunities to various life activities and further accept individuals with disabilities in vast cultural practices. The laws are crucial because they grant equality in special education to individuals with disabilities and those with no disabilities (Ochoa et al.,2017).


Ochoa, T. A., Erden, E., Alhajeri, O., Hurley, E., Lee, K., Ogle, L., & Wang, T. (2017). Disability Laws and Special Education Provisions in China, Kuwait, South Korea, Turkey, and the United States. International Journal of Special Education32(2), 325-354.

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