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Human Resource Management Practices

HRM practices, system and organizational culture.

  1. Refer to chapter 10. List and define six of the HRM practices discussed (also known as functions or functional areas) that you believe are the most important to an organization’s performance. (Short paragraph)
  2. Identify one of the specific culture types discussed in the Organizational Culture chapter in which you would like to work and explain why and how you could see this type of culture reflected in the three components of org culture which you studied?
  3. Pick any two of the HR practices you listed above. Discuss how the organizational culture would be reflected in those practices.

Expectancy Theory and Equity Theory

The following is an actual case working its way through the formal internal EEO system at a university that is not LMU. In order to protect these individuals’ identities, the names and exact details regarding salary and the college have been modified.

Maria Hernandez is a professor at an Arizona college campus and she was hired at the same time as Jane Smith. Maria worked as an HR director until 25 years ago, when she entered a PhD program. After five years of hard work, she earned her PhD.During the next fifteen years, she worked at a college near her home (for eight years) and then went to the Arizona college, where she has worked for four years. Last year Maria learned that Jane was hired at a starting salary of $99K and she became quite upset. Maria was hired at $91K.Maria knows the following facts: a) she and Jane are teaching the same classes and have the same work responsibilities, b) their degrees are in the same field, c) Jane graduated from college in 2006, at the age of 22. You can assume that they have both had good performance reviews. Maria was born in Colombia (South America) and Jane was born in Nebraska and Jane is not a member of an ethnic minority group. Answer the following questions:

  1. A) What would Equity Theory predict is Maria’s response to this situation?Explain in 2-3 sentences.
  2. B) List ALL of the EEO laws that are relevant to Maria’s case.In one sentence each, explain why the law applies to her.
  3. C) In light of your answer to this first question, do you think that Maria has been treated fairly and lawfully?Explain.
  4. D) Do any of the laws you listed have exceptions that would explain why lawfully, the college paid Maria and Jane in this manner?
  5. E) When it comes time for the department chair to make decisions about MERIT pay, what would Expectancy Theory suggest to her is important in order for Maria and others remain to motivated because they feel that merit pay awards will be fair? Explain what the theory says including its different variables/factors. Devote a few sentences to explaining what the theory suggests are two key ideas she needs to consider when making decisions about merit pay.Be sure to use the term merit pay correctly (see Ch 12).
  6. F) If you could communicate a few words to Maria about what she should do, what would you say?


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