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Wall and Wood(2005 :432) challenge the assumption of an established link between HRM practices and organizational performance, implied in the “high-performance” label.


Examine a firm that has been criticized for their HRM practices and how it had adverse impact in terms of organizational performance.

Discuss and critically analyze the link between HRM practices and organizational performance, implied in the high performance label, with relevant organizational examples.

Critically analyze how they could integrate a more strategic approach to their Human Resources Management and how they would benefit from the proposed recommendations






Please use this template as guidelines


1. Introduction

2. Background on Hotel industry

3. HRM issues/problems on Hotel industry

a. Deficiency of employees

b. Employee turnover

c. Development and training

d. Outsourcing

e. Internship employment

4. HRM practices & functions

5. HRM practices & organizational performance

a. Development & training

b. employee motivation

– Maslow hierarchy

c. reputation & retention of outstanding employee

d. Recruitment & selection

– to link with business strategy; recruit, upgrade or force)

– Rodger’s 7 point plan

6. Recommendations for hotel from HRM practices implications

a. Development & training culture setting

b. Advancement of powerful service culture

c. HRM practices & function positioning

d. Managing manpower demand & supply

e. proposed any HRM model which are suitable

( Theory Z, OR Hard & Soft Model, OR Harvard Model)

f. Best practice approach

7. Conclusion

8. Reference


Guidelines :

    1. Thorough literature review must be evident.
    2. Discussion on the HRM practices as stated by various authors should be evident.
    3. There must be sufficient linkage between theory and practice.
    4. Harvard style of references should be used.


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