How feminism/women movements is changing the society and makes the world a better place

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3-4 pages, double-spaced with a Works Cited list

At least 3 sources are required

In this essay, you will choose your own topic and develop your own argument. When putting together and formulating your thesis, answer

the following questions that are relevant to your topic:

What is X?
What is the value of X?
What are the causes of X?
What should be done about X?
What is the evidence for my claims about X?

Remember that your thesis must make an assertion about the topic. In other words, the thesis must be arguable. Incorporate pathos,

logos, and ethos to back up the argument. Use expert testimony/opinion and personal experience when necessary. Provide a

counterargument and relevant background.

* Essay should have a good argument and good thesis statement.
*Essay should be supported by campaigns like Me too, Times up, Girls can and etc

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