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Health information technology

You can use more than 3 sources if you want. Short brief answers are ok (please number each answer).

1. This is a very dynamic area of health information technology, with significant changes likely to occur with a new administration, economic factors, broader adoption of Electronic Health Records and Personal Health Records and other socio-economic-political factors. It is advisable to check the federal government’s official web site for HIT often, at: . Summarize 3 things you found interesting on this website.

2. Based on a thorough review of the federal government’s web site on health IT, identify specific examples and newly available information that may support continuing progress in Health Information Exchange (HIE): What roles are standards, product certification, state legislation, and the federal government playing in furthering HIE?

3. Conduct an Internet search of HIEs in other countries. It may be necessary to try various terms to find similar constructs (For example England, Canada and Australia all have fairly robust efforts towards HIE): What is the current status of HIEs in the United States, as a whole, and in contrast to similar efforts in other countries? What approaches to connectivity are being used in these countries?

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