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Adaptive Health Management Information Systems (2010)

EHR Podcast and EHR

Project description

From the text, Adaptive Health Management Information Systems (2010)

a. Chapter 6: Trending toward Patient-Centric Management Systems

b. Chapter 7: Health Management Information System Integration: Achieving Systems Interoperability with Web Services


1. EHR Podcast

Visit the website, SoundPractice.Net from The Journal of Medical Practice Management. Select one of the podcasts under the Technology tab that discusses Electronic Health Records (EHR). Present a comprehensive overview of the podcast (author, his/her position or title, etc.) and how the information pertains to this week’s reading and specifically, to the role of a healthcare CIO.

2. EHR Links

Select two of the following:




• Physician PDA

In your post, discuss the pros/cons/advantages/disadvantages of linking EHR to your selected two systems.

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