Health and Medical Assignment


Identify patients in the table below who could serve as matched controls for the highlighted cases.  Blanks indicate that the patient did not experience a fall in the time period.  Select controls based on the lowest random number.  Match on age.  Show your calculations.

Patient IDReceived InterventionAgeMonths to FallRandom Number
Observation PeriodFollow-up Period
1Yes64 30.24
2No62 20.46
3Yes812 0.64
4No744 0.88
5No78 0.07
6No633 0.19


  1. What is the expected length of stay for Dr. Smith’s patients in the matrix below?


ClinicianPatient DiagnosisAvg LOS (days)
Dr. SmithPrevious MI(35%)MI-CHF(22%)6.5
MI-No CHFBP<90(65%)3.8
No Previous MICHF(60%)BP<90(80%)3.1
No CHFBP<90(30%)2.1



  1. Given the following information about a project, calculate the earned value, cost variance, schedule variance, and cost performance index for weeks one and two. Calculate the Estimate to Completion.  Make a plot of planned, actual, and earned values.  Show the Estimate At Completion on the plot.
Week OneWeek TwoWeek Ten (End)
Rate of performance60%85%
Planned value$10,000$35,000$140,000
Actual cost$18,000$27,000



Create a Gantt Chart for the following project, and show the Gantt Chart below.  Set a start date of September 1, 2018.  Assume that work can be done 5 days per week, with no work done on Saturdays or Sundays.  Identify the Critical Path.  When will the project be completed?

Task NumberActivityImmediate PrecedenceTask Duration (Days)
1.Strategic Planning Phasenone20
2.Team Orientation128
3.Software Configuration260
6.Facility Modification145


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