Engaging grades 4-8

Conduct research on the topic and complete according to your area of specialization & topic assignment.

* My area of specialization is Teaching & Learning
* My topic assignment is “Innovative Ways of Engaging Students (Flipping a Classroom, Blended Learning, Project-Based Learning, etc.)”

  1. An overview of the research related to the current issue
  2. A lesson or unit plan that incorporates concepts recommended by your research
    1. Locate TEKS for a grade level or subject of your interest
    2. Create a lesson plan that addresses one of the needs revealed by your selected issue following the Lesson Plan Template
    3. A copy of handouts and a list of Web sites that will be utilized in the lesson
  3. A method of evaluating whether the lesson or unit plan provides satisfactory outcomes for all students.
  4. Explanation of how you as a new teacher could share this information with fellow teachers
  5. A scipted PowerPoint related to your topic/lesson to share with fellow classmates.

all work should be in apa format
textbook for the class is:

Glickman, C., Gordon, S.P., & Ross-Gordon, J. (2018). Supervision and instructional leadership: A developmental approach (10th Ed). Pearson.


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