Skills and practice in human

  1. What is the definition of community counseling?
  2. What are some things that would be considered client and community advocacy?
  3. How would you define a culturally competent helper?
  4. What competence regarding culture? What is cultural competence and diversity?
  5. How do you counsel from a multicultural approach?
  6. What are ways to advocate for other groups?
  7. What would be considered a community service that directly impacts a group?
  8. Who would be an alternative helper; what is a community approach to the field of being a helper?
  9. What outreach approach that would include education?
  10. What would be considered ways to educate the community on different topics?
  11. Who/What group could possibly be reluctant to being served by Human Service professionals?
  12. Helpers are encouraged to become what?
  13. What is needed be addressed 1st when initially helping clients?
  14. What is the outreach approach?
  15. How do you stabilize a client?
  16. What is the difference between being a counselor, advocate, consultant, advisor and change agent?
  17. What are some cultural differences when in a counseling session (i.e. Asian, Native American)?
  18. What are the suggested do’s and don’ts when working with other cultures?
  19. What is a demographic variable?
  20. What does the book say you should note about working with individuals with disabilities?
  21. What would be considered cultural limitations and methods to expand understanding of diversity?
  22. What are the areas of intervention when working with groups and/or individuals?
  23. What are ways to address a crisis; and how do you address trauma?
  24. What is the Psychological First Aid Model?
  25. Know the types of groups and how they can be helpful (I.e. group therapy, couples therapy).
  26. What does it take to lead a group?
  27. Duty to report? What is it? Who do you report? What should you report? What is abuse/neglect?
  28. Describe indigenous healing systems?
  29. Other than culture of (i.e. Asian Americans) what are some other cultures (groups of people) that you should consider when working with clients?
  30. What is the goal of mental health managed care?
  31. How can a change in your thinking help with dealing with difficult situations at work?
  32. Look at the different aspects of trauma and what it encompasses.
  33. What is resiliency?
  34. What are some ways to overcome burnout?

Last Updated on February 11, 2019