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Group therapy principles

For this discussion, you will need to watch the following four (4) Group Therapy Demonstration Video Clips, taken from the series Understanding Group Psychotherapy: Outpatients, with Dr. Irving Yalom (2006, LLC).

There are four vignettes (two in each video). The videos will start from the beginning.

It is recommended you watch the “pre-session commentary” but can then go to the right of the video screen, under “Chapters”, and select “First Group Session” and then “Third Group Session”. You can then just focus on viewing the specific sessions, however it is recommended that you view the pre/post session discussion for the vignettes.

For the next two vignettes, select “Fifth Group Session” and “Eighth Group Session” as well if you wish to bypass the commentaries.

To view, click the link below and if prompted, enter your ESC Moodle log-in.

M4 Group Therapy with Outpatients, Vignettes 1 and 2 [11:17 and 17:11]
Vignette #3 and 4 presents Understanding Group Therapy: Vol 1, Part 2. This covers Sessions 5 and 8 (vignettes 3 and 4) with a commentary in between the two vignettes and after the 4th vignette. This video will open with the fifth session (vignette 3). To view the eighth session” (vignette 4) , go to “Chapters”, then click “Eighth Session”. It is recommended that you view the pre/post session commentary for each video to gain insight into the co-leaders’ theory and philosophy of group therapy.

To view, click the link below and if prompted, enter your ESC Moodle log-in.

M4 Group Therapy with Outpatients, Part 2, Vignettes 3 and 4 [16:57 and 18:11]
As you watch the videos, consider that the problems presented and addressed commonly apply to groups struggling with substance use disorders or related recovery issues. Once you have viewed all four vignettes, submit a New Post and address the following:

Identify at least 3 specific group interventions/strategies used by Dr. Yalom and his co-leader. (Note: that group interventions are not exactly the same as those used in individual counseling).
How could these group therapy interventions/strategies be applied to a group where members are being treated for an addiction disorder or substance use disorder?
Assuming a group of people with addiction/substance use disorders, what modifications would you suggest for the group rules/expectations? How would you address group task and group maintenance issues? How you would open and close each session?
Reply to the main posts of at least two (2) other students.

Optional Videos on Inpatient Group Therapy
For anyone interested in group therapy within an inpatient or residential setting, there is an additional video you can view. Note it is not required for this discussion. This is entitled Inpatient Group Therapy Volume 2, Part 1. This is based on an 1:15 minute group session. After starting Part 1, it is advised to go to Chapters and view the 6 minute “Introduction” to gain an understanding of the group members then click “Orientation” to view the first 4 minutes of the session. The second vignette of this session is “Agenda Formation” and runs for about 23 minutes (13:55 to 37:00) – this provides a more complete demonstration of this session.

You can then view Inpatient Group Therapy Volume 2, Part 2, to see the rest of the session by going to the Chapter titled “Agenda Filling”. This runs till 28:20 and will lead to a session conclusion. This is followed by a commentary and then a discussion with a group of observers of the group.

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