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Global culture visualization

The class is global culture visualization



Final Research Paper

Your assignment must be submitted as .doc/.docx or .pdf file

Submit completed papers to Assignment titled: “Final Paper”.

This assignment asks you to address the issue of globalization, particularly the “global flow” of visual culture under the conditions of late capitalism in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The growth of multinational corporations and the subsequent global spread of the mass media, consumer products, and the Internet raise the issue of cultural imperialism. How does the globalization of Western technology, consumerism, and culture affect local traditions in other parts of the world? Are these traditions being lost? Are cultural hybrids forming? Can we even speak of the local anymore?

For this assignment, you need to choose an indigenous culture from outside the United States, Canada, and Europe and address the manner in which globalization has impacted that culture’s visual traditions. Have they adapted? Formed hybrid cultures? Or have their traditions been eradicated?

Some examples of topics:

  • Indigenous Australians responding to new markets for traditional artwork
  • Malaysian response to new markets for Western-owned satellite television
  • Japanese response to western fast food
  • Chinese fashion responding to western trends
  • Brazilian music industry responding to western models
  • Singapore’s cultural policy
  • The impact of globalization on South Koreans’ daily life

This assignment will require some research; please document your sources in a format with which you feel comfortable (either MLA or Turabian/Chicago). In-text citations are acceptable. Include digital images, whenever possible. Guidelines to these citation formats may also be accessed through the Research Tools tab located on the page

You are to write at least a four-page paper (1500 words), which is typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins all around. You must use at least 7 references beyond your textbook, but at least 2/3 must be from academic sources (researched through the online PowerSearch on the Library website, a book, or a website with “.gov” or “.org”). In other words, you cannot solely rely on web searches for your research. Do not use wiki sites. I also recommend trying to use Google Scholar as a search method.

This assignment is worth 50 points, and it will be graded on writing proficiency as well as content. Remember this is a research paper, not a first-person opinion paper. Avoid text talk, first person, and use a scholarly approach. More specific instructions and hints follow.


Last Updated on July 11, 2019

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