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Family Interview

Guidelines for Family Interview

(subject to Turnitin verification) and hard copies at the beginning of class.

Submission Directions:

12 point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, with page numbers.
I will review each component listed below in more detail in class. Where provided, please note that each of the component lengths are suggested approximations. You may write more than 4-5 pages, but your grade will depend on addressing each of the listed components thoroughly using complete sentences and logical arguments.

Required Components Suggested Length Points
Who are you interviewing (initials/first name/pseudonym, relationship to you, how long have you known this person)2-3 sentences2 (0, 1, 2)
Why you are interested in interviewing this family member (personal and academic)1 paragraph2 (0, 1, 2)
3 questions you asked related to family and social change or family and inequality (see *list following this table for examples) and the rationale for asking these particular questions (what do you expect they will say)1 paragraph3
Summary of family member’s responses for each question, supported by quotes (quotes should be indented and single- spaced)2 pages6
Which of their responses, if any, differed from your expectations? From a sociological perspective, how do you account/explain these differences?Will vary2
Did they mention any other family members in answering your questions? If so, who were they and what was the role of these family members?1 paragraph2
How does your family member’s experiences support or contradict the readings and discussions from this class?2-3 paragraphs6
Bibliography (ASA format)Half-page2 (0, 1, 2)
Total points: 25

Questions About Family And Socio-historical Change

– Describe the house you grew up in. Who did you live with? Did you like living with them/him/her? Why or why not?
– Describe your relationship with your parent(s) growing up. What was it like? Was there any conflict? About what?
– When you were growing up, what was you and your family’s economic situation? Did you have to do without things or did you have money left over to save and buy new things?


– What were your responsibilities growing up? Did you have to do a lot of chores or other work around the house? [If they had siblings], What did your siblings do around the house?
– What was your relationship with your grandparents like growing up? Did you see them often? – At what age did you start dating? What did your parents think about that?

– [If they have children] Did you always know you wanted to have children? At what age did you know?
– [If they are parents] Do you think you raise your kids differently than how you were raised?

Questions and Family and Inequality: Within-Family Inequality

– [If they had siblings] What were your responsibilities growing up and were these responsibilities the same for you and all your brothers/sisters?
– [If they had siblings] Did your parent(s) expect the same from you in terms of academic success as the rest of your siblings? Why do you think they did (or did not)?
– [If mother and father ever lived in same household] How did your parents split up household responsibilities?
– When you were growing up, who had paid jobs? Did other family members contribute to the household in some way?
– [If they had siblings] Did all your siblings live with you continuously until you became an adult? If not, where did they live? Did living in separate homes affect your relationship in any way?


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